Welcome to Kingdoms CCG!

Kingdoms CCG is a brand new web based Collectable Card Game (CCG) where players collect cards, build epic battle decks, unlock and upgrade hero abilities, quest and compete against each other in various PvP arenas! Play Kingdoms CCG. The core design focus was to create an easy to understand, quick to play game that can yield a deep strategy component for the more experienced card player.

The core game play consists of collecting different heroes and cards then use these to build a deck and battle with it. Travel through campaigns to complete quests and upgrade your heroes, or participate in a Player Vs Player arena. In the near future players will be able to enjoy tournaments and guild features!

Key Features Include:

Game Basics:

There are 6 different Kingdoms to choose from: Holy, Ancient, Mystical, Elemental, Undead and Alchemy, each with their own Magic style and creatures. In total there are 21 different heroes available.  Each of these heroes have unique abilities and strategies to allow players to custom tune their game play. Abilities can be learned by completing Hero Quests through single and multiplayer game play.

The player starts out in the vast world of Euna where they must complete a campaign for each of the Kingdoms. During these campaigns they unlock new cards to add to their deck. There is no specific amount of cards needed for a deck but there are some rules in certain game modes that limits what cards and how many can be used in a deck.

There are four types of cards in the game: Creature, Spell, Gear or Rune Word.  Cards cost a certain amount of Mana to cast onto the playfield.  Each turn the user gains 2 additional mana to use for these or hero abilities. Each card type has different play mechanics as per below:

-          Creature - Each creature has a preset Attack and Life value, they can also have special abilities and effects when played.

-          Spell - Spells can be used to do a variety of things, either on heroes or other cards in play.

-          Gear - Gear cards can be attached to your hero to give them extra abilities and effects.

-          Rune Words - Rune Words are powerful cards that alter the environment for both players.

Additional cards can be earned through campaign battle completion or purchase of booster packs. There are five levels of rarity for cards. Certain rarities can only be found in certain booster packs.

-          Common: These are most common cards in Kingdoms. They can be found in the Bronze and Silver booster packs.

-          Uncommon: The second most common card, these can be found in the Bronze, Silver and Gold booster packs.

-          Rare: Rares are powerful cards that can be found in the Gold and Epic booster packs.

-          Epic: Epics are extremely powerful cards that can be found in Gold and Epic booster packs.

-          Legendary: The most rare card in the game, and rightly so.

BatBattle System:

The Kingdoms Battle is a unique experience to most CCGs. Each player will have 3 battle slots and a shared Rune Word slot. Players must play creatures in an open battle slot. At the end of each players turn their creatures will attack the opponent. If a creature has a creature in the opposing slot, it will become blocked and they will fight.  If there is no opposing creature they will instead attack the opposing hero.  For more information on the specific battle mechanics, please see our Wiki page.

Kingdoms CCG's development was made possible by the assistance of the Ontario Media Development Corporation.